Lemur SP Methomyl Insecticide 

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Product Information

Lemur SP Methomyl Insecticide is a soluble powder that is applied by foliar application to control many important insect pests. Lemur SP Methomyl Insecticide is mixed with water for application.

Package Size: 2 lb water-soluble bag

* Registered States Indicated

Lemur SP Methomyl Insecticide is currently being sold under the name and registration number for Corrida 90 WSP Insecticide. When the inventory of Corrida 90 WSP Insecticide has been depleted, the product will be sold as Lemur SP Methomyl Insecticide.
State Registrations for Lemur SP Methomyl are currently in progress, please contact your local Solera ATO, LLC representative for additional information.